Personalised Graduation Souvenirs
Why not celebrate your graduation in style by ordering a personalised glass souvenir?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take to receive my item(s)?
A. We anticipate delivery times of between 3 to 5 weeks on receipt of order for items to be posted in the UK. We wait until your payment clears before manufacturing your order.

Q. Who is responsible for seeking the permission to use the crest /logo?
A. The purchaser is responsible for seeking permission

Q. Can you confirm receipt of orders?
A. We do not confirm receipt of individual orders. However, if your payment has been taken from your bank then you can assume we are processing your order.

Q. Do you send orders abroad?
A. We can to certain countries, however the delivery charges vary please email us beforehand.

Q. What if I want to cancel my order?
A. To cancel an order you will need to send in full details of the order by email or post to us. Please note, if we have incurred any costs in the artwork or production a charge will be made.

Q. Are there any other products that are available to order for the graduation?
A. No, only the ones on the personal graduation souvenirs website.

Q. What size does photograph do I need for the photo frame?
A. Size of the photograph needs to be 9cm wide x 13cm high which can be inserted in the back of the frame by yourself.

Q. Do I need to send the photograph when ordering the photo frame?
A. No, when you receive the photo frame, you just slide the photograph in the back yourself.

Q. Can I just have the University crest or logo engraved with the University name?
A, Yes, you can, the costs will be the same.

Q. What if my souvenir is slightly different from the item ordered or pictured?
A. We may and have the right to replace items with similar style and quality of equal or higher value.

Q. Can I find out what the status is of my order?
A. Yes, if you wish to enquire about your order status, please email us with the following details:

  • Name of person to be engraved
  • Name of the University, Course etc.
  • When the order was sent
  • Type of product ordered
  • Occasion to be engraved i.e. Wedding, anniversary, sports achievement etc.
  • Your contact details, i.e. telephone number.

When do you start processing orders?
A. We only process orders once payment for items has CLEARED.

Q. What if I have a problem with my order?
A. Should you have a problem with the order please send in your full details with a photograph of the item, either by post or email.

Q. How can we get in touch with you?
A. Please email us on and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Q. When are you operational?
A. Apart from Christmas, when we are closed for 2 weeks, we are operational. Over Christmas all orders will be delayed during this period by two weeks.

Payment Options

Q. How can I pay for my order?
A. At present we ONLY accept cheques or UK postal orders. The UK postal orders are obtained from Post Offices and are a guaranteed payment which will allow a speedier time for completion.

Q. Who do I make the cheque or postal order payable to?
A. Made payable to Gifts 4 Occasions Ltd.

Q. Can I pay by a Foreign Bank account?
A. We can only accept a cheque from a Foreign Bank if the currency is made in Sterling and it has a UK office. Should you have friends or family within the UK, they may be able to help arrange payment by issuing a UK cheque or purchasing postal orders on your behalf.

Q. Can I order and use an on-line payment method?
A. We are currently looking into this but at this moment in time we do not process on-line payments.

Q. Can you accept payment by Credit Cards via the post?
A. Unfortunately, we cannot process payments by Credit cards. Again we are looking into this.

Q. What if my cheque is not cleared by my bank?
A. If cheques are not cleared by the bank, we will pass on any extra charges incurred back to you.

Q. Can I have a discount if I purchase more than item?
A. No there are no discounts given either on the item or postal charges. The cost is per item. If there is 1 item, there is 1 postal charge, 2 items; postal charge is times two, etc.

Q. Can you engrave the classification of the degree and how much extra does it costs?
A. Yes we can engrave your classification, i.e. 1st Class Honours or 2:1, 2:2 etc, note there will be an additional cost of £4.50 per classification, per item.

Other Products and Occasions

Q. Can you personalise other items?
A. Yes, just contact us,  with your requirements and we will be happy to see what we can do.

Q. Can you cater for occasions you have not listed?
A. Yes, just contact us, with the details and we will advise you on what we can do.

Postal / Courier Queries

Q. What if we are away while you send the ordered item(s) out?
A. On sending items out, the local sorting office will hold on to your item(s) for up to 1 week only so please ensure you collect it from the local sorting office. If this is not done they will send the item back to us. This can take a number of weeks to arrive back so please try and collect it as soon as possible. Secondly, once it has come back to us, you will need to pay an additional postage charge for us to send the item out again.

Q. What is the cost of postage if I order more than one item?
A. Postage is per item regardless of the quantities ordered and/or if they are to be delivered to the same address.

Q. If we have only received one of a number of items ordered what should we do?
A. Usually all items are sent out in the same post batch and thus should be received on the same day. However, there will be circumstances when the postal system will deliver on separate days. Please be patient and allow a few days in between orders. Should the missing item(s) not arrive after 10 working days please email us with your full details at

Q. What if I change my postal delivery address?
A. Let us know as soon as possible, if the item is returned to us and you want it resent you will incur postal charges.

Q. How can we contact you?
A. Please email us, with the following details:

  • Name of person to be engraved
  • Name of the University, Course etc
  • When the order was sent
  • Type of product ordered
  • Occasion to be engraved i.e. Wedding, anniversary, sports achievement etc
  • Your contact details, i.e. telephone number.
  • Delivery address

What if I have a problem with my order?
A. Should you have a problem with your order, please send your details as above with a photograph by email or post, we prefer email.